Do You Know Your Credit Score?

Ascentra Credit Union has your back!  We are making it easy for you to monitor your credit score from your account dashboard in Digital Banking with SavvyMoney.

That’s right, you can choose to integrate your credit score into your Digital Banking  dashboard meaning that every time you log on, you will see your real-time credit score without impact, and it can be refreshed every 24-hours.  In addition, this new option shows you convenient real-time information about your credit score with updates, alerts, monitoring and instant offers.


Take Control of Your Credit

Savvy Money helps you understanding your credit, the factors that impact it, and what you can do to strengthen it. This is the only solution that provides you with a comprehensive credit score analysis, full credit report, monitoring, and personalized offers, giving you the information you need to make educated decisions about your finances.

  • Take Advantage of our “Recommendation Engine”

    Take the hassle out of finding the right loan for you. With SavvyMoney's “Recommendation Engine” you will find suggested, pre-qualified loans that help you make the right decision to best fit your borrowing needs.

    With recommendations for credit cards, auto loans, personal loans, home loans and more all in one place, there’s no need to spend valuable time shopping around.
  • Turn Insights into Opportunities

    Want to know how you can strengthen your credit score? SavvyMoney’s insights can help monitor the positive and negative factors that have the most impact on your credit score, then give you action items to take to help you improve your credit in each of five categories, payment history, credit usage, total balances, credit age and recent credit.

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To enroll, click on the SavvyMoney icon in Digital Banking to get started.