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  • Holiday Loan

    Great Holiday Loan Rate! I love it! I love it!

    Don’t be a cotton-headed ninny muggins and take advantage of this sweet holiday loan rate!

    • Low rate of 5.90% APR*
    • Borrow up to $2,500 for 12 months.
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  • Unsecured Line of Credit

    A line of credit is like having a credit card without the card. You have access to a set credit limit when you need it, without a need to apply for a loan. Need money? No transfer fees ever! Forever-ever? Forever-ever!  

    • Gives you revolving credit so you can conveniently get cash advances without having to update your loan application.
    • Can be set up as a form of overdraft protection with transfers in $100 increments.
    • Make transfers, payments, and manage your line of credit through Digital Banking or our mobile app.
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Other Personal Loans

Share or CD Secured Loan 

Have a savings balance or a certificate of deposit that you would rather not touch? Sweet - instant collateral! Use it to secure a loan for you or a family member.


Credit Builder Loan

At Ascentra we know we all have to start somewhere, which is why we offer a Credit Builder Loan. Establish or build up your credit with a $500 Credit Builder Loan, which helps to improve your credit score, and can help you get better interest rates on future loans.


Do you need help building your credit score? We have Certified Financial Coaches that are here to help.


Personal/Signature Loan

This is an unsecured, fixed rate loan with a set repayment period and is perfect if you don't have collateral.


Personal Loans

Loan Type Term Annual Percentage Rate as low as
Share-Secured Loans Secured with Savings
3% Above rate on deposit account
Share-Secured Loans with CD   2% Above rate on CD
Unsecured Line of Credit   13.50% APR Variable
Visa Credit Card*   9.88%-17.88% APR based on creditworthiness 
Signature loans - No collateral required**   11.50% APR (Rate is based on credit score and automatic payment)
*The rates listed are standard rates and are subject to change without notice according to market conditions. Rates based on term and approved credit.
**For example: A 36-month term (3 year) personal loan for $3,000 at a fixed rate of 11.50% APR would result in monthly payment of $99.00. Rates listed above for signature loans are based on credit score and automatic payment.

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