Job hunting in today's economy

If you’re one of the many Americans who are unemployed, it can be intimidating to start looking for a new job. While it might end up being a long and frustrating process, it’s important to focus on your future and get started. The following tips can help you throughout your job hunt.

Get Serious:  Make your job search a full-time endeavor. Put yourself on a schedule and create achievable goals, such as sending out one resume per day. Search online at websites such as and as well as in your community. 

Update Your Resume: Rather than sending a generic resume to every human resources manager who posts an available position online, customize your resume for the job that you’re applying for. List your relevant experience and skills, and of course use proper grammar and spelling. Have a friend or family member that you trust review your resume for errors.

Network and Get Involved:  Join a professional club or association to meet key contacts in your desired field. Talk to your friends and family members about your job search and make sure they keep you in mind when they hear of an open position.

Expand Your Search:  Research and apply for positions that you may not have considered in the past. A part-time or entry-level job at a company that you love could eventually turn into something more. 

Go Back to School:  Additional training can enhance your marketability to a greater number of companies and could make you a candidate for jobs that pay more. If you’re currently employed but looking for a new job, retraining can help you increase your pay, retain your job, prepare for a better job, or upgrade your skills for a new economy. If you're planning a return to school, consider your goals carefully and make certain to re-work your budget accordingly.

Stay Positive: It’s easy to fall into negative thinking and tell yourself that in a tough economy, it will be impossible to find a good job. That’s not the case. Be persistent and keep a positive attitude to stay motivated to keep up the search.

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