Re-order Checks

You just looked in your checkbook and noticed that you are almost out of checks – Oh no! Don’t worry you can easily order more checks for your Ascentra Checking Account by filling out and submitting the form below.

If you need additional information while completing this application, call 563-355-0152 or 800-426-5241, Ext. 0.

STEP ONE - Basic Information

(a two to seven digit number located on the bottom center of your check)

STEP TWO - Complete information EXACTLY as you want it to appear on your checks

NOTE: Law enforcement agencies recommend that, for your security, you include your name and address. If your checks are lost or stolen, the person retrieving them would have a lot of private information if your phone number, social security, or driver's license number were printed on your checks.

STEP THREE - Quantity

STEP FOUR - Order Submission and Confirmation

Once you have submitted your order below you will receive a confirmation call to complete your order.

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