Real Life Real Hope - Daryn S

Jul 31, 2023, 16:14 PM
Title : Real Life Real Hope - Daryn S
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Date published : Sep 9, 2022, 00:00 AM
I kept bouncing off the bottom and, you know, just going from job to job.
Trying to start my business was not easy. Over the years, I didn't have any credit at all.
I only was able to buy the equipment that I was able to pay cash for.
I had a decent relationship with my banker, but I came in and asked about getting some bigger equipment and another a newer truck.
And they denied me pretty quickly.
And said I didn't have any credit whatsoever.
I was like, "Well, what else can we do?"
She was like, "Well, I'm sorry, but my hands are tied. You know, this is I put it into the system and the system takes it back, says you're denied."
So it didn't help me grow and it didn't, you know, they weren't giving me a chance.
And it was just extremely frustrating.
I came in to Ascentra with a referral and sat down with Eric.

He came in and was one of the first members I probably actually sat with, like on my own and everything.
Which is kind of crazy to think about, you know, five years later.
And of course, as being a new account officer, I'm sitting there like, what's the problem? I'm like, let's take a look at your credit.
You know, that's really where it's got to start.

He said, Well, I can help you get started first with a $500 credit card.
And, you know, he got approval from it very quickly and we got the card in the mail within a couple of days.
And that just kind of just kind of started rolling forward quickly.

For for anyone coming in, it's really just about identifying what is your true purpose and what is your main objective.
And that's how I can then work to get them there.
So it's not for them to figure out how credit scores work.
It's not for them to figure out how to raise and lower the score.
That's where I come in.

Eric also was a big help with telling me how I can do what I can do to build my credit quickly and fast and getting my credit score up quickly.

So it's never "no." It's always, I can't do this, but I can do this. So I never give a member and "no." It's never your declined, sorry about your luck.
It's "I can't do this, but we can do this."

Well we went from no credit to I have one of the highest credit scores that I can probably get anything almost now.
When I came to Ascentra, I had... I had one truck and a small little pressure washer I could put in the back of it to we have six trucks and seven employees and six pieces of equipment. So we've grown tremendously.

It kinda gives me chills. I mean, even as we're talking now, like it's still I kind of get chills just thinking about cause to know that even back five years ago, my main focus was to help him in that moment and just to see that, I mean, it just gives you the warm, you know, warm fuzzies and stuff and it just makes you happy to see that not only the company that you're with shares your same values, but your values are helping those around you.
Sometimes just the smallest little, you know, change really leads to really big things.
And that's that's just what we're all about.

I just needed somebody to give me a chance.
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Real Life Real Hope - Daryn S
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