New Features on

  • Oct 2, 2023

The key to maintaining healthy financials is education. Knowing how to properly manage your finances and how to use them to your advantage will give you a strong start to making smart financial decisions in the future.

Ascentra continuously commits to providing the best financial education through articles, videos and presentations, as well as by providing useful products and services to its members.

Our latest installment to our financial education library is through these two new features on our website at

Mortgage Resource Hub – This newly created resource hub provides members with all the important mortgage products and services offered by Ascentra to help prepare anyone who is planning to purchase or refinance a home in the near future. From rates and educational videos to mortgage experts, FAQs, and home insurance, our members have the tool to be prepared at the click of a mouse, to start the home buying or refinancing process with confidence. Learn about all this and more at

Video Library – This new feature gathers all of our financial education, community highlight and Team Ascentra videos and puts them on one easy-to-use webpage, with filter capabilities, that allows you to find videos on information you’re looking for quickly. This includes our Making Cents financial education video series that Ascentra has provided on special financial topics since September of 2017. Once selected, each video includes a link to its full transcript and more information (if applicable). Find all our Making Cents videos and more at