April is Financial Literacy Month!

  • Apr 1, 2024

Financial Literacy Month holds great significance for Ascentra because it calls special attention to our efforts to empower our members and community through financial education and highlights our commitment to financial inclusion, accessible banking solutions, low-interest loans and personalized guidance to individuals of all backgrounds.

This isn’t just about understanding complex financial instruments; it’s also about instilling healthy financial habits. By teaching our members the value of saving, the importance of budgeting and the significance of planning for the future, we hope to encourage long-term financial well-being for our members.

Ascentra is committed to helping you understand these strategies in the simplest ways. Our most impactful approach is through our in-branch, certified Financial Coaches. These financial professionals are available to all members and have certified training in creating spending plans, bill management, future planning and more. This is a key first step to understanding your finances better.

In addition, we also create and share useful financial information with our members and community through workshops, seminars and online resources.

Through these efforts and more, and as your trusted financial partner, we want to keep empowering you to succeed financially.