Highlighting Ascentra's Executive Team for Women's History Month

  • Mar 31, 2024

As part of Ascentra's recognition of Women's History Month, we reached out to women on our Executive Team to share their thoughts and journey.

Here's what they had to say:

“Women’s History month is a time to reflect and celebrate the perseverance and contributions that many incredible women, past and present, have made to improve the lives of others in our communities.”

Linda started her time in the financial industry right after high school, joining a local bank as a teller. Working full-time during the day, she attended college in the evening and earned her degree in Accounting. Her experience in auditing and accounting from the bank came in handy when she changed industries to take an accounting role at an insurance company, where she realized she belonged back in financial services. A friend from her time at the local bank, Ascentra’s former CEO Dale Owen, encouraged her to join the Ascentra team as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). After 15 years as CFO, Linda became Ascentra’s first female CEO in 2021, where she is grateful to lead an organization which cares so much for its members, staff and community.

Linda shared her thoughts for young women interested in pursuing the world of finance: “Find a purpose in what you do and serve others. The world of finance may seem very transactional, but it is very personal. Always make sure you have the best interest of others as a priority. Helping others achieve their financial goals is what the world of finance is all about, especially when you work for a credit union where people helping people is core to our mission!”

“Women’s History Month is a time dedicated to celebrating and recognizing the amazing women who have made a difference in our lives and communities both past and present.”

- Linda Andry, President, CEO


“Women’s History Month is a time to reflect on the women that have made a difference in history. It is also the time to remember those strong women in our life who have been a mentor and helped us build our confidence and become who we are today.”

Shelly has certainly made a difference at Ascentra! She came to Ascentra as a teller when it was still Alcoa Credit Union and quickly learned the Credit Union Difference for our members and community. After 18 years as a branch manager, she was promoted to AVP of Lending and soon joined the Executive Team as the Chief Operations Officer, overseeing the areas she had worked in throughout her years of service.

For young women looking to enter the world of finance, Shelly had some words of wisdom: “Find the area of business that you truly enjoy. You have to work hard and put in the effort to show what you can do. Be acceptable to change and willing to listen to others’ ideas, be a team player!”

- Shelly Ridgeway, EVP, COO


“Women’s History Month is a time dedicated to celebrating and recognizing the amazing women who have made a difference in our lives and communities both past and present.”

Jennifer makes a difference at Ascentra every day. She began her time here in 2012 as Vice President of Marketing with many years of marketing experience across industries and a fresh perspective on the world of finance. Very quickly, she realized how special credit unions are and how deeply her own personal values aligned with the People Helping People credit union philosophy. After completing a three-year Credit Union Certified Marketing Executive program, Jennifer was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer, where she continues to celebrate credit unions and the work that Ascentra does in its community. She also takes any chance she can to be a mentor for those around her, in honor of her own mentors who helped her find success as SVP and CMO at Ascentra.

Jennifer shared her thoughts for young women interested in growing within the financial industry: “In general, my advice would be to first love what you do and make sure what you are doing aligns with your personal values. Once you love what you do, then work hard and seek to be a curious learner. When you have the chance to be a mentor to someone else, do it. You never know the impact you will make.”

- Jennifer Naeve, SVP, CMO



“Women’s History month is a time to celebrate all of the amazing women of the past and present that have made a difference in our lives and communities.”

We think Beth is pretty amazing! She started her journey at Ascentra as a child, coming into the branches with her parents. A high school internship let her explore the various departments of a bank, and she realized how much she enjoyed accounting. After graduating with a degree in accounting, she worked in public accounting then at local financial institutions before finding her way to Ascentra as the Chief Financial Officer! This full-circle moment was an inspiring way for Beth to step into the credit union People Helping People philosophy and it couldn’t have been a better fit.

Beth shared some advice for young women interested in finance: “My best advice is to always be curious and willing to learn. Find a person that believes in you and will be your advocate, give you advice and be a listening ear when you need it. These people will help you develop the confidence needed to reach whatever goals are important to you.”

- Beth Grabin, CFO


We are grateful that Linda, Shelly, Jennifer and Beth choose to represent Ascentra. Ascentra is grateful for your guidance and leadership.