Highlighting Ascentra's Black Voices for Black History Month

  • Feb 29, 2024

As part of Ascentra's recognition of Black History Month, we reached out to a few of Ascentra's Black staff and board to hear from them on Black history and financial awareness.

Here's what some of them had to say:

“Considering the historical barriers that have limited access to economic opportunities, I believe we can help improve financial education within the Black community through small business and homebuying seminars, employment, helping people invest in retirement and through donations and continuing to be a part of events throughout the community. By helping people budget, build and maintain their wealth, teaching people good financial skills helps contribute to their economic empowerment.”

- Angie Pegues, Teller


"Black History Month personally resonates with me because it empowers us to recognize, celebrate and honor the many contributions African Americans have made to our global society. Black history is American history, however we’re not always taught the true history or given accurate facts about people and events. If we’re ever going to heal as a country, we need to acknowledge the abuses and struggles African Americans and other people of color have endured throughout our history and even today. True equity and inclusion lies within the removal and dismantling of systemic barriers that have been intentionally constructed to subjugate black people. This isn’t just the task at hand for February, but rather every month until sustainable change is realized."

- Brett Carter, Board of Directors


“I feel like Black History Month brings together our ethnic community, and with the generation today, brings out more history no longer taught in our education system."

"To bring financial awareness to Black communities, we as a credit union need to send educators to places where more Black people are. Then set out flyers and invite them to free seminars that explain savings and opportunities available to them and help them understand financial security and awareness better."

- Tausha Thomas, Head Teller


We are grateful that Angie, Brett and Tausha choose to represent Ascentra. From branches to boardroom, their attitudes and expertise make a difference for Ascentra and our members every day. Thank you all!