Ascentra’s Ride 50 promotion Raises $23,100 for the Salvation Army

  • Feb 9, 2022

Bettendorf, Iowa – The results are in, and the members of Ascentra Credit Union have raised more than $23,000 through the credit union’s Ride 50 auto loan promotion during the 2021 holiday season.  Beginning in October 2021, Ascentra members who qualified for an auto loan or refinance received $50 to help with holiday spending, as well as a $50 donation to the Salvation Army in their community.

The four communities reached through this campaign are determined by Ascentra’s branch locations and the areas the Salvation Army serves, which are the Quad Cities, Clinton and Muscatine, Iowa and Moline, Illinois.

Each year the local Salvation Army sets a fundraising goal for their annual Red Kettle Campaign that begins in November and extends through the holidays each year. 
QC Salvation Army
“Through the amazing partnership with Ascentra Credit Union and very generous communities this season, The Salvation Army (Quad Cities) has been able to not only reach our Christmas campaign goal but exceed it by five percent and help hundreds of families in need”, said Major Robert Doliber, the Salvation Army’s Quad Cities Coordinator. “In these trying times, people continue to struggle with affordable housing and food insecurity, but because of the success of the Ride 50 promotion, Hope Marches On for these families throughout the year." 

Clinton Salvation Army
“Ascentra’s gift is an example of the kindness and generosity we see across Clinton and the type of partnership that fulfills The Salvation Army Motto of Doing the Most Good,” said Susan Sharp, Director of Ministry & Operations, Salvation Army 360 Life Center, Clinton. “Such a gift will ensure that in His name, no one stands alone.”

Ascentra’s donation to the Clinton Salvation Army represents approximately 30% of their fundraising totals for the season.

Muscatine Salvation Army
"The Salvation Army in Muscatine County was blown away at the support from Ascentra this season! The marketing for the Ride 50 promotion was excellent and top notch and I’m proud to say that the way their members rallied around those in need this season by participating in this promotion helped us to not only reach our goal of $190,000 but exceed it,” said Lt. Gregory Bock, Corps Officer, Salvation Army of Muscatine Country. “That means that The Salvation Army can continue Doing the Most Good by meeting the real needs of real people in real time across our Muscatine County communities. When all hope seems lost for families struggling to keep the lights on, keep food on the table or even just to make ends meet, we get to tell them that the #HopeMarchesOn for them because of great community partners like Ascentra and their members. We are blessed to be able to call them our partners in hope!”

Moline Salvation Army Ride 50
“This year’s Ride 50 promotion will have a big impact on our youth and archery programs,” said Tim North, Captain, Salvation Army of Moline. “COVID created extra expenses and Ride 50 has made it possible for us run these programs safely”.

Combined, Ascentra’s nine branches processed 462 auto loans which raised $23,100. The five branches in the Quad Cities raised $12,150, the Moline branch raised $3,050, the Muscatine branch raised $3,700 and the two branches in Clinton raised $4,200. 

“We are so impressed by the results of our Ride 50 promotion”, said Jennifer Naeve, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Ascentra Credit Union. “With the impact the pandemic is having, we knew that we needed to find a way to help. This promotion was designed to encourage our members to not only save money through our great rates but also join us in raising money for a good cause that benefits people in our own communities”.

Since 2018, Ascentra Credit Union has promoted the Ride 50 campaign, an auto loan promotion that gives the borrower $50 for holiday spending and donates $50 to a predetermined, non-profit organization that benefits citizens in the communities of the Quad Cities, Moline, Muscatine, and Clinton. Since its inception the promotion has generated $73,600 in donations to organizations like the Salvation Army, River Bend Food Bank, Toys for Tots and Clinton’s Holiday Network.

In addition to raising funds, Ascentra wanted to raise awareness for the Salvation Army in the communities in which it serves. To do this, they worked with the local staff to develop a webpage that highlighted the programs and services offered to residents.  The website shared information about the Salvation Army mission, broke out programs and services by location and highlighted their Pathway of Hope program, that focuses on how families can break the generational cycle of poverty.  It also showed visitors how they could get involved by “Ringing the Bell” or through other opportunities. All Ascentra’s Ride 50 promotional advertising and materials carried the message of “Doing Good Together” and highlighted the awareness page’s URL. Lastly, several Ascentra employees personally contributed to the credit union’s partnership by volunteering to “ring the bell” in their communities.

“The Salvation Army is a comprehensive program designed to help people across our country,” said Linda Andry, President and CEO, Ascentra Credit Union. “They offer local outreach programs and services to help people get back on their feet. We are proud to partner with them and help carry on their mission in our communities.”