Text Banking

Text Banking Commands

Simply turn on our text banking feature in Digital Banking under the "Settings" tab and then "Text Banking Enrollment". It will then ask you for your phone number, and that you agree to the terms, and you're good to go! 
Text Banking Commands

BAL = Current Account Balances

BAL + Account Nickname = Balance For The Specified Account. Example: BAL acct1 

HIST + Account Nickname = Account History For The Specified Account. Example: HIST acct1

XFER + Account Nickname1 + Account Nickname2 Amount = Transfer The Specified Amount From Account 1 To Account 2. Example: XFER acct1 acct2 100.00

LIST = List Of Text Banking Commands

HELP = List Of Contact Points For The Credit Union

STOP = Cancel SMS Banking Service 

Message and data rates may apply.
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