Password Unlock

Set yourself up for success when you want to change your password and/or have accidentally locked yourself out of Online Account Access. You can do this via email and/or text.

If you have not enabled this feature and are currently locked out, please contact our Call Center by phone at 563-355-0152 or 1-800-426-5241 Ext. 0 during regular business hours.

Through the enrollment process, you provided your email address so you are already able to change your password or unlock yourself via email. Follow these steps to activate your mobile number so you can do this via text:

Registering a Mobile Phone 

  1. Within Online Account Access, click the “MyMobile” dropdown menu.
  2. Next, “Add New Device” under the “My Devices” area, click “Continue”.
  3. Under “Other Services”, check off all three boxes, click “Continue”.
  4. You will receive an Activation Code via text. Enter the code, click “Activate”.
  5. Later, if you do lock yourself out or forget your password, click on the “Forgot Password or Locked Out?” link and follow the steps.

Unlocking Account / Password Reset 

If you forgot your password or are locked out of your account and have a registered mobile number, you can use the email or text password reset function to get access to your account anytime of the day. 

  1. Go to Online Account Access and click on the “Forgot Password or Locked Out?” link. 
  2. Read the password reset message; provide your User ID then click “Continue”.
  3. Choose a new account password, confirm then click “Submit”.
  4. Choose to receive your code via email (primary member’s email) or text then click “Submit”. 
  5. Once you receive your Confirmation Code, enter it in the designated box and click “Submit”. 

Watch the How-To Video 

If you have multiple accounts (with their own User ID and Password) visible on your Online Account Access and you reset a password, you will have to update the password to view them again. 

To do this, inside Online Account Access go to “Preferences”, then “Multiple Accounts” in the dropdown menu. Then click on “Modify” on the account that you would like to have access to and update the password.