Get rid of those stamps and the hand cramp from writing your addresses over-and-over. Pay all your bills online! No, you’re not dreamin’, Ascentra actually makes it possible. 

MyBillPay with Popmoney makes it convenient to pay your bills – or just about anyone else for that matter. It’s simply the best way to manage your payments. 

  • Easy, electronic bill payment. Say goodbye to stamps and avoid late fees.
  • Add billers with ease. The Quick-add feature allows you to add billers by simply typing the company’s name and entering your account number. 
  • Set-up reminders. Use reminders to send you messages when you receive a bill or a payment is due. 
  • Make recurring payments. Excellent for payments that don’t change monthly.
  • Popmoney is a person to person payment method you can use to send and receive money as easily as you send and receive e-Mail and text messages.
  • Most MyBillPay features are available on MyMobile

Remember you must enroll in Online Account Access to take advantage of MyBillPay. 

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions on our MyBillPay Expert Guide.