MyMobile Expert Guide - FAQs

Getting Started

Q. What is MyMobile?

MyMobile is our mobile service that brings banking to your mobile phone & tablets. MyMobile allows you to monitor your account from your mobile device at any time by using text banking, a mobile browser optimized account access and apps for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. Check balances, transfer money between accounts, pay bills through MyBillPay, find branches and ATMs, pay people using Popmoney and even make mobile check deposits with compatible devices.

Q. How do I access MyMobile?

You must first be enrolled in Online Account Access before you can use MyMobile. Once you are enrolled in Online Account Access, iPhone, iPad and Android users can simply download the app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store and get connected using your Online Account Access log in credentials. 

Windows phone, BlackBerry, and most other smart phone and tablet users can access MyMobile using the default browser on their device. To obtain a secure optimized mobile browser link log into Online Account Access and select the “MyMobile” option under the “Accounts” tab. Then enter your mobile phone number under “Other Services”.

Q. How do I download and install the app?

Download the app from your smartphone or tablet's app store. In your store's search, type in “Ascentra CU MyMobile”, and you'll find the free app. 

Text Banking

Q. I have the app but want to add text banking. Where do I go to add this feature?

If you already set up the mobile app or optimized mobile browser and need to add the text banking feature from MyMobile follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Online Account Access, then click on "MyMobile" in the dropdown menu.
  2. A tab that says "My Devices" will have a button at the bottom that says "Add New Device"; click the button.
  3. The next page has a section called "Other Service" which prompts you to enter your phone number inside a box. Type your number inside the box and hit the "Continue" button at the bottom.
  4. You will receive a text message confirming that your text banking has been activated.

For help, you can text “HELP” to 59289. To cancel, text “STOP” to 59289 at any time. 

Q. My phone doesn't have Internet access. Can I still use MyMobile?

Yes. All you need is a phone with text messaging. You can send a text to view account balance or transaction history.

SMS text banking messages are not encrypted and there is no application time out. If your phone or device is lost or stolen, you should deactivate the service. Unless the service is deactivated, it may be possible for another person in possession of the phone to view any text messages stored on the device, and see information such as account balances and recent history.

Q. Are there guidelines for creating account "nicknames"?

During enrollment, you are given the option of providing "nicknames" for your accounts. Choosing an appropriate nickname is especially important if you use the SMS text service for mobile banking, because your HIST inquiries use the nickname. It's also included in the account history message returned by Ascentra Credit Union.

For this reason, the nickname should be as short as possible. There is a maximum of ten characters, and fewer than five is recommended if you plan to use the SMS text service.

An SMS text message can contain only 160 characters total. Using as few as possible in your account nickname helps ensure that your account information will fit into a single message.

Log In & Security

Q. Do I need to be enrolled in Online Account Access to use MyMobile?

Yes. MyMobile is an extension of Online Account Access. You’ll need to establish your Online Account Access User ID and password before you can log in to the MyMobile app.

Q. How do I log in to MyMobile?

You can access MyMobile using your Online Account Access User ID and password: 

MyMobile Username = Online Account Access User ID

MyMobile Password = Online Account Access Password

When logging into MyMobile, you’ll be asked to answer a pre-established security question, verify your security image and phrase and provide your password. If you don't have an Online Account Access log in, you can enroll in Online Account Access at

Q. Does the MyMobile app remember my username?

Yes. After your initial log in to MyMobile, the app will remember your username, but not your password.

Q. Can I log in the MyMobile app using a different username to view a different account?

For now, the MyMobile app for iPhone and Android phone is designed to work with one log in at a time. However, you can delete the app and re-install it to log in using a different username (account). The MyMobile app for iPad does allow you to select “Change User” to log into a different username.

Q. Is MyMobile secure?

Yes. A personal password, security questions, phone activation, and industry leading security measures help to keep your information safe.

No personal account information is stored on your mobile device, keeping your information safe if your device is ever lost or stolen. To further protect your personal information keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • SMS text banking uses the phone number associated with your device for authentication. If the device is lost or stolen, you should deactivate your SMS text banking service immediately. If the service remains active, another person in possession of the phone can use your SMS text banking service to see account balances and transaction history.
  • Do not store text messages from SMS text banking. They could be read by another person, and may contain information such as our contact SMS text number and account nicknames that would allow another person to access your SMS text banking.
  • Do not store your Online Account Access password in the device browser. Storing the password would potentially allow another person to follow the bookmark and log in. Quit out of the browser after each internet banking session to erase session information and keep an unauthorized person from using the "back" browser function to re-enter your Online Account Access.
  • If the device is lost or stolen, you should contact your mobile carrier for assistance in locating and/or disabling your mobile device immediately. 
  • Enable your device’s power-on security feature so someone can’t simply turn on your device and have access to your device and its apps.
  • Always use the “log-off” feature, when available, and then completely close out the app or browser after each MyMobile session.


Q. Can I use MyMobile on more than one phone?

Yes. Just follow the steps above under “How do I access MyMobile?” on additional devices.

Q. I have more than one Ascentra account User ID, can I access multiple account User IDs on one device?

Yes, simply select the “Change User” button when you launch the app to enter a different User ID. 

Q. Can I change account names in MyMobile?

No. If you want to nickname an account, you need to do that in Online Account Access. Once an account name is changed, the updated name will appear in MyMobile. 

Helpful Tip: You can nickname your accounts to make managing your money easier. For example, you might have accounts named "Mom's Auto Loan" or "Vacation Savings," depending on your needs. Once you establish the nickname in Online Account Access, it displays in MyMobile.

Q. When attempting to transfer money to another Ascentra account number I cannot see all the accounts like I can in Online Account Access…what gives?

We are aware of this issue, and a fix is already being finalized. Sorry for any inconvenience to those affected by this. Please use Online Account Access for now until we have this corrected.

Q. I use MyMobile’s mobile optimized browser instead of the app, but I have lost the link to the log in page, how do I get another link sent to my phone?

Log into Online Account Access and select the “MyMobile” option under the “Accounts” tab. Next, on the “My Devices” tab look for the mobile phone number you want to use the optimized browser option with. Click the drop-down arrow next to it and select “Get a link to the Mobile Banking website” and click the “Go” button (you will be sent a text with a link to the log in page).

If your phone number is not listed on the “My Devices” tab you will need to click “Add New Device” and enter your mobile phone number under “Other Services” and you will be sent a link.

Q. I am having trouble logging into MyMobile, what could be wrong?

First, remember that before using MyMobile you must be enrolled in Online Account Access. If you are enrolled, then try logging into Online Account Access first as it is possible that your password has expired or one of your accounts is locked out (make sure you can successfully log into ALL User IDs you have access to using Online Account Access, because if your User ID is linked to other User IDs and one of them are locked out you could have trouble logging into MyMobile). If you have trouble logging into Online Account Access and you can’t unlock yourself please call the credit union at 563-355-0152 or 800-426-5241, Ext 0. 

Transfers, Payments & MyBillPay

Q. Are transfers completed real-time in MyMobile?

Yes. Similar to Online Account Access, transfers completed in MyMobile are done instantly. Mobile deposits are verified and require more time for processing. See the “Rules and Deposit Timing” for mobile deposit.

Q. Can I make a loan payment in MyMobile?

Yes. You can transfer funds from an account to a loan to make a payment under the same log in.

Q. Can I pay bills using MyMobile?

Yes. If you already have Payees (Billers) established in MyBillPay using Online Account Access, the "Payments" option will be available on your MyMobile menu bar. Selecting the "Payments" option allows you to make payments in MyMobile.

Q. Can I add new companies or billers in MyMobile?

At this time you can only pay existing companies or billers you have previously set up in Online Account Access. We are looking to add this and many other new features later. 

Q. Can I set up recurring payments in MyMobile?

Recurring payments must be set up in MyBillPay using Online Account Access. One-time payments can be made through MyMobile once the company or biller is established in MyBillPay using Online Account Access.

Q. Can a payment be canceled or changed once it's submitted through MyMobile?

Yes. The payment can be canceled or changed by selecting "Payments" on the menu bar and clicking on "Cancel/Change.”

Q. I am having trouble sending money to an account I have at another financial institution. I could always do this using MyBillPay in Online Account Access but I can’t find out how to do it in MyMobile.

At this time you can only send money to accounts held at other financial institutions using Online Account Access. We are looking to add this and many other new features later. 

Q. Will the "Payments" option on the MyMobile menu bar appear automatically once MyBillPay is set up using Online Account Access?

The "Payments" option will appear on the menu bar once you have established a Payee (Biller) in Bill Pay using Online Account Access. If it does not appear immediately, restart the app on your mobile device and log in again. You should not need to re-install the app to begin using the "Payments" option. 

Q. Can I pay other people using MyMobile?

Yes. You can send money to other people using the PopMoney feature in the "Payment" tab of MyMobile.

Mobile Check Deposit

Q. What is Mobile Check Deposit?

Mobile check deposit is a feature of the Ascentra MyMobile app that allows you to make check deposits using your iPhone, iPad and camera enabled Android smartphone or tablets.

Q. What accounts can deposits be made to through mobile deposit?

Members can make deposits to their personal checking accounts only.

Q. Can I make deposits to a loan account to make a payment?

No. You cannot make deposits to loan accounts. Deposits can only be made to a checking account. Once the deposited funds become available, you can then transfer the money to a loan account to make a payment.

Q. How do I deposit a check using MyMobile?

With mobile deposit, you can deposit a check using an Apple iPhone running iOS 5.0 or later, and an Android smartphone or tablet running version 2.2 or later. In addition, you’ll need a wireless internet connection. Please see the Mobile Check Deposit Step-by-Step Instructions.

Q. Do mobile deposited checks need to be signed?

Yes, endorse or sign the check with your signature and write "For Mobile Deposit Only" just below your signature. Without the endorsement, your check will be rejected. 

Note: some checks have a pre-printed checkbox with the words "Mobile Deposit Only", even if you check off the box, you will still have to write "For Mobile Deposit Only".

Q. What’s the maximum amount I can deposit using Mobile Deposit?

For checking accounts in good standing, with a valid e-Mail address on file, that have been opened less than 60 days, a daily limit of $500 is in effect. 

For checking accounts in good standing, with a valid e-Mail address on file, that have been opened over 60 days, a daily limit of $2,000 is in effect.

Q. When does a mobile deposit post and funds become available?

On weekdays (excluding holidays), the cut off time for same business day posting is 3:00 pm CST. Deposits made after the 3:00 pm CST cutoff will be posted the next business day. Deposits received after 3:00 pm CST on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or on any holiday will be posted the next business day. Posting usually occurs between 4:00 and 6:00 pm CST time (up to $300 of your deposit will initially be made available to you). The remainder will be made available to you at the end of the next business day (typically around 11:00 pm CST). Longer holds may apply in certain situations.

Q. How can I be sure the deposit image is accepted?

For best results, ensure the image of your check is inside the four corners of the box, the information on the back is legible, and it is properly zoomed in or out as necessary. 

Q. Can I deposit more than one check at a time?

Each check is deposited individually and requires its own photo. There is no limit to the number of deposits you can make per day. However, the daily aggregate deposit limit applies.

Q. What is the daily deposit cut off time to be considered deposited on the same day?

The mobile deposits need to be submitted before 3:00 pm CST, Monday through Friday, to be considered deposited on the same day, excluding holidays. Deposits are not posted on holidays, Saturdays or Sundays.

Q. How do I know if my mobile deposit was accepted?

Check your "Deposits" tab to review "Deposit History". You will be able to see Pending, Failed and Accepted deposits.

Q. Where do I find my deposit history?

The deposit history can be found under “Deposits” on the MyMobile menu bar.

Q. Can a deposit be canceled once it’s submitted through MyMobile?

No. Once a deposit is submitted, it will begin going through the deposit process.

Q. What do I do if a check failed to deposit?

If you can’t get a check to deposit by the mobile application after multiple attempts, present the item to any of our convenient locations. An additional hold on funds may be applicable.

Q. How long will my check image be available through "View Deposit History"?

Check images will be available for 90 days for those checks deposited through mobile deposit.

Q. Can minors use MyMobile?

Yes. If a child or teen has a compatible device and an Online Account Access log in, he or she can use MyMobile.

Q. Is there a fee for MyMobile?

There is no fee for MyMobile. However, wireless service provider charges may apply.


Q. Which devices are compatible?

Click here for supported phones, tablets, and browsers.

Q. Is there a Blackberry or Windows app?

The app is not available for BlackBerry® or Windows® smartphones and tablets. If you have one of these devices, you can log in to Online Account Access using your phone’s standard browser or use the MyMobile optimized mobile web browser. 

Q. I am having trouble viewing the MyMobile page in Online Account Access because it seems to be cut off on the right.

We have seen this issue in older versions of Internet Explorer, please upgrade to at least version 10.

Need Assistance? If you have additional questions, contact Ascentra Credit Union for assistance.