System Upgrade

¡Está completo!

Nuestra actualización del sistema ha terminado oficialmente y actualmente estamos utilizando nuestro nuevo sistema y, lo que es más importante, sirviendo a nuestros miembros. Este fue un esfuerzo masivo realizado por toda la cooperativa de ahorro y crédito, y no podríamos estar más orgullosos de cómo fue. Esperamos que la transición al nuevo sistema haya sido perfecta para usted, nuestro miembro. Durante las próximas semanas, le pedimos que por favor sea paciente con nosotros mientras nuestro equipo continúa familiarizándose con el nuevo sistema. Realmente queremos que tengas la mejor experiencia. 

Como miembro, no debe notar demasiados cambios, ya que la actualización afectó principalmente a nuestros procesos de back-end, sin embargo, hemos destacado algunos elementos a tener en cuenta.




Digital Banking Changes

DigitalBanking-Website-Headers_All Users
  • Account nicknames may carry over. If your account nicknames did not carry over, they are easy to set up. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to set up a nickname. 
  • Your shares, certificates and loans will now have a 4-digit ID number. Prior to the upgrade, this was a 1 or 2-digit suffix.
  • When performing a Member-to-Member transfer you will now see "ID" instead of "Suffix". This is your 4-digit ID number displayed on your account tiles. 
  • Members who log in with their personal account User ID will now see ALL accounts they have ownership on. This includes personal, Fiduciary Acts that they manage such as the Rep Payee, Trustee or Conservatorship, etc., This includes business accounts and loans or credit cards that they may have under other accounts.
DigitalBanking-Website-Headers_Business Members
  • Business members who log in with their personal account User ID and Password will now be able to view their business accounts. However, you will have limited access to all the tools provided when logged in with your personal User ID and Password. To have all the business banking tools, such as managing users, you will need to be logged in using your business User ID and Password.
  • If you have a second login for a fiduciary account, you will no longer need the second set of credentials because you will be able to view all accounts under your personal account User ID and Password.
  • Business members, if you do not have a current business login but would like to provide Digital Banking access to other users such as accountants or employees, you will need to enroll the business using the business enrollment form.

While this system upgrade will mostly impact our back-end systems and processes, there are a few changes for members to be aware of.

  • Your share, certificate or loan will now have a 4-digit ID number.
  • ATM usage fees at non-Ascentra ATMs will be posted in real-time instead of in a lump sum at the end of the month.
  • Starting in September, your statements will look different but will contain all of the usual information. Also, you will receive a statement via your normal delivery channel on July 31st whether you usually get one at this time or not. 
  • Information displayed on Digital Banking account tiles will look slightly different. Account nicknames may carry over. If you have account nicknames that did not carry over, they are easy to set-up. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to set-up a nickname.
Although there are a few changes coming your way, most things are NOT changing. These important things will remain the same.

Routing Number-01
Account Numbers & Routing Numbers 

Debit and Credit Cards-01

Debit, Credit, or ATM Card Numbers & Pins 

Bill Payees Settings-01

Bill Pay Payees or Settings 

Direct Deposit-01

Direct Deposit & Automatic Payments 

Digital Banking-01

Digital Banking User ID & Password 

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