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Digital Banking

Have your finances at your fingertips, with Ascentra Digital Banking.  Get access to Ascentra anytime, anywhere with the same user experience on a desktop browser and mobile app.  

Make all the right money moves!

  • Get help via chat.
  • Monitor your credit score and get your credit report.
  • Transfer funds between accounts, member-to-member, or to external accounts.
  • Pay bills and setup alerts.
  • Apply for a credit card, personal, auto, and mortgage loans.
  • Bank in English or Spanish.
  • Text Banking.

Once you establish membership, you can enroll for digital banking using the Ascentra Mobile App. Ascentra Digital Banking is also compatible with Quicken and QuickBooks.

Enrolling in Digital Banking

Consumers (primary), Sole Proprietorships, Trusts and Estates.

Joint Account Owners Without a Primary Account of Your Own.

Corporation, LLC, Partnership, or Organization/Nonprofit.

Rep Payee, UTMA, Conservatorship, or Fundraiser.



The Ascentra CU Mobile App

The Ascentra CU Mobile App gives you fast access to your accounts – you get Ascentra Anywhere! You can enjoy the same features we offer within Digital Banking on a desktop, right from your phone! You can even deposit checks with your smartphone.

Get the Ascentra CU Mobile App:

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orange box with green checkmarkAfter you've enrolled, make sure you know how to make the most out of your digital banking experience by following our checklist

  • Bill Pay

    Enroll in Digital Banking and pay all your bills online or on our app! Bill Pay makes it convenient to pay your bills – or just about anyone else for that matter.

    Set up Bill Pay to add billers with ease to make payments, recurring payments, and even set up reminders when payments are due or sent. Say goodbye to stamps and avoid late fees!
    Screenshot of BillPay on iphone
  • Financial Tools

    Your data should work for you, not the other way around. Financial Tools can show you the big picture of your finances—even your accounts outside of Ascentra Credit Union.

    Financial Tools takes the work out of staying on top of your finances. Make sense of your transaction history and see the categories where you spend the most money.
    ipad and iphone displaying financial tools
  • SavvyMoney

    Échele el ojo a cambios en su puntaje y reporte de crédito en tiempo real con SavvyMoney, un servicio disponible con nuestro nuevo sistema de banca digital.

    Califique para las mejores tasas de interés en préstamos, tarjetas de crédito, o refinanciamiento basado en su puntaje de crédito.  

    Dashboard of SavvyMoney on iphone and ipad


CardValet symbol







CardValet is an app that allows you to keep an eye on your Ascentra Visa Credit and Debit Card with your smartphone. You can turn your card “off” if you misplace it and turn it back “on” if you realized your card was in your coat pocket the whole time. OPE!

You can also set spending limits for yourself or your children, get alerts anytime your card is used, and more. 


Learn More


Get the CardValet App

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Co-op shared branching symbol






Shared Branching

Ascentra is one of over 5,700 locations that make up the CO-OP Shared Branch network. This network is perfect when you’re traveling for business or pleasure, have kids or parents out-of-state that need assistance, or if you are relocating – it’s like we’re still around the corner!

Check out our Branch Locator to find a shared branch near you or download the CO-OP ATM/Shared Branch Locator App.


Learn More


Get the Co-Op Shared Branching App

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Blue wallet

Billetera Digital

Actualice su billetera y pague usando su tarjeta de Débito y Crédito Ascentra Visa con su teléfono o reloj inteligente. Las billeteras digitales y los pagos móviles son la manera nueva de hacer compras seguras en tiendas, por Internet, a través de aplicaciones y son muy útiles cuando no sabe dónde dejó su billetera. 

Actualmente usted hace compras con su tarjeta de Débito y Crédito Ascentra Visa a través de Apple Pay y Samsung Pay. 
Iphone with ascentra debit card in digital wallet


Logging In

  • What if I forgot my Digital Banking password?
    A. If you have forgotten your password, please enter your User ID. When prompted for a password, click on the “Forgot your password?” link. Select how you would like to receive your one-time Secure Access Code. Enter the code in the box provided and select a new password. The code will only be good for 10 minutes. 
  • What if my Digital Banking account becomes “Disabled”? What should I do?
    A. If your account is disabled, you’ll be given a notice upon login that it’s disabled and you must contact the credit union to be re-enabled. 
  • What if my Digital Banking account becomes “Locked”? What should I do?
    A. An account is locked out when the password is entered incorrectly 4 times or a Secure Access Code is entered incorrectly 4 times. 

    You’ll be given a notice upon login that your account is locked and you must contact the credit union to be unlocked.
  • How do I change my password inside Digital Banking?
    A. Log into your Digital Banking account via desktop or the app and follow the steps below:

    1. Under “Settings”, click on “Security Preferences”
    2. Click on the “Change Password” option
    3. Enter your current password and the new password as noted and click on “Change Password”

    Note: Passwords expire at 120 days. A “Security Alert: Password Changed” email goes out whenever the password is changed within digital banking. Always verify that you received this email as an added layer of security.


  • How can I create or modify my Digital Banking alerts?
    A. To manage your “Alerts”, you will click on “Settings”, then “Manage Alerts”. Within “Manage Alerts”, you have the ability to set up a brand new alert or modify an existing alert.
  • Can I change the order in which I can view my accounts?
    A. Yes. Click on “Account Preferences”. You can arrange the order of your accounts according to the accounts you’d like to see more often or towards the top vs. those that you’d want towards the bottom. 

    In addition, on this page you can also edit the name of your accounts to give a specific nickname by clicking in the box of the desired account, then clicking on the pencil icon. See additional instructions below.

    1. Account Order - By clicking the arrow up or down, you will move the account to the desired location until it’s where you want it. This may include multiple clicks in one direction or the other, depending on how many accounts you have.

    2. To give an account a nickname, you will click in the desired account box to expand the box to show other options. You will then click on the pencil icon, and a box will appear with the current name of the account. You’ll erase that name and enter the new name of the account. When done, click the checkmark to finish.
  • How do I set up a recurring transfer in digital banking?
    A. Go to “Transactions”, “Transfer Funds”, there you have the ability to initiate a one-time or recurring transfer. Funds transfers can be made to either an Ascentra account or to an external account, once that account has been set up and verified. Under the “Transfer Funds” option, after selecting the “From” and “To” options, the “Frequency” options will be there for setting up a recurring transfer at various times throughout the month. After that, select a start date to indicate how long you would like the transfers to happen. 
  • Can I set up an external account to transfer money to/from my Ascentra account?
    A. Yes. You can set up an external account by clicking on “Services”, “Add External Account” (an account you have at another financial institution) to be linked for electronic transfers. This feature is only available to consumer accounts. In order to add your external account you will need to have the following information:

    • Institution’s Routing and Transit number
    • Your Account number (max length is 17 digits)
    • Account type - checking or savings

    Two "micro" deposits will be generated and sent to your external account (typically within 5 business days). Micro deposits are random deposits in amounts less than $1. Once you have received these two micro deposits in your external account, make note of both amounts as you will need them later to verify your account. Follow the steps on the “Add An External Account” page to set this up. Micro deposits will expire 14 days from the time sent.

How To

  • When I go into “Activity Center”, why do I only see certain transactions?
    A. The transactions shown in the Activity Center specifically are only transactions that have taken place and processed within Digital Banking. To see a full list of your transactions, including debit card transactions, deposits, payments, etc., please refer to that specific account’s detailed transaction history. 
  • How do I cancel a transaction which I’ve created?
    A. Go to “Transaction”, “Activity Center” option and locate the transaction that needs to be cancelled. Click the dots in the upper right corner of the transaction you would like to cancel and find the “Cancel” option. A confirmation box will come up to “Confirm” your cancellation. If a transaction has already been processed, the cancel option will not appear.
  • Can I pay other people using Digital Banking?
    A. Yes. You can send money to other people using PayUp, a feature in the “Transactions” section. This is a free service to our debit card holders.
  • Can I deposit checks through the mobile app?
    A. Yes. You can deposit checks through the iPhone, Android and iPad app. You will have to endorse the check and write “For Mobile Deposit at Ascentra CU Only” below your signature, even if your check includes a box stating a similar message. 






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