Visa SRC (Secure Remote Commerce)

Visa SRC (Secure Remote Commerce)

two triangles pointing to the right Swiping your debit and credit cards is so last year. Now you can click-to-pay with your Visa card any time you see this icon at an online retailer. 

This makes shopping online easysmart and secure.

Easy: Simply register your card and click-to-pay at any online retailer that has the symbol above and BOOM! Purchase made.

Smart: Gone are the days of punching in your 16-digit card number, and filling out form fields to make a purchase. Because when you set up your Visa Secure, your primary info such as card number, passwords, address, etc. is remembered and automatically inputted, making your transaction that much faster. 

Secure: With advanced technologies and multiple layers of security, Visa is among the top safest debit and credit cards.


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