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With uChoose Rewards® you can shop like you normally would and watch the rewards add up. 

It’s the only rewards program that allows you to combine and redeem rewards points from your Ascentra Visa debit and Ascentra Visa credit card purchases! 

Earn points redeemable for concert tickets, a new HDTV, a fun-filled cruise, a charitable donation, get cash back, gift cards and millions of other exciting options! 

Sign up for access to the uChoose Reward website where you can link all the debit and credit cards in your household, then manage and redeem all the pooled points!

Earn Points

Simply use your Visa debit and credit card anywhere and earn points on purchases. Earn even MORE points when you use your Visa debit and credit card at the participating retailers listed on the uChoose Rewards website.

The only non-qualifying purchases will be ones made online with your Visa debit card, unless paying online through Visa Checkout, through the uChoose Rewards site or within sites and apps using Apple Pay .

Point Accumulation

Ascentra Visa Credit Card Points

1 point = $1 spent 

Ascentra Visa Debit Card Points

1 point = $2 spent (signature-based transactions)

1 point = $4 spent (PIN based transactions)

Points round down to the nearest dollar per purchase. Maximum points a cardholder can earn in a year is 200,000. Points accrue throughout the month and are available for redemption at the beginning of the following month.

Enjoy Your Rewards

Watch your rewards add up! Then, redeem them for exciting options like the latest electronics, trendy clothing, airline tickets and more! 

Then tell us how you plan to use your rewards on Facebook and Instagram by using the hashtag #BetterTogether 

Questions? Check out the uChoose Rewards Frequently Asked Questions.