Company Culture

Our CultureAscentra celebrating Red Nose day

Our culture is centered on our listening, caring, doing what’s right philosophy. As a credit union started by hard-working individuals who put in long hours trying to improve their lives and the lives of others, Ascentra never forgets our roots and where we started.

Just like in our humble beginning, Ascentra is still all about people helping people - the core belief of the credit union movement. With down-to-earth staff with a heart for helping others, Ascentra’s culture centers around relationships and making a difference in the lives of others; co-workers, our members and our community. Our culture balances on four pillars - our staff, our members, our community, and our financial stability – all which that define why we exist, who we are, and what we value.

Ascentra’s Seven Cultural Beliefs:  

  • Value-driven. Listening, caring, doing what’s right. 
  • Honor our past; define our future. “Don’t forget where we came from.”
  • Members and community are at the heart of Ascentra.
  • Shifting our mindset for innovation. We are learning and accepting that what got us here (“what we’ve always done”), isn’t the only way to get us there.
  • Maintain a shared sense of purpose through effective communication.
  • Compassion and collaboration is important for all. 
  • Relationships matter. Networking and being open to different points of view is what will make us great.

Culture is so important at Ascentra it’s interwoven in everything we do. It’s experienced, evolved, and celebrated by all. Wanting to be intentional about our culture and ensure its vitality, we empowered a Culture Committee made up of staff from a broad base of positions and tenure that continually evaluate, improve, and ensure the vitality of our culture, and works to make it even better.